Happy New Year (and a few days)!

My Walking Shoe

As most of you already know, I achieved my primary exercise goal for 2009. I walked 1,000 miles. My average pace was about 4.2 miles per hour. I also achieved my secondary goals of doing over 10,000 push-ups, 20,000 crunches, and 10,000 back exercises (it’s kind of like a reverse crunch where you lie on your stomach and arch your back). This, of course, has changed me. I have much more energy throughout the day, feel less stress, and built up my muscle tone and strength. Surprisingly, I only lost about 10 pounds. I’m not too worried considering first that weight loss wasn’t part of my goal and second because I put on some muscle weight, I lost more than 10 pounds in fat. In short, I am much more fit today than I was at the beginning of the year. Thanks to my friends, family, and twitter pals that gave me encouragement. Your support helped me get out there on the difficult days.

It’s time to set up my physical goals for 2010. Once again, my main goal will be 1,000 miles, but limiting myself to walking was a bit boring. Instead, I want to travel 1,000 miles under my own power this year. Right now this plan includes walking, running, and cycling. I may add swimming to this list as well. With cycling in there, 1,000 miles is much easier to achieve, so I’ve limited the number of cycling miles that contribute to the goal to 300. That means at least 700 of them will be on foot. I’ve also doubled my secondary goals from last year to 20,000 push-ups, 40,000 crunches, and 20,000 back-crunches. In addition, I’ve going to add a weight lifting goal. I’m not sure what the particulars will be, so I’m just starting off with 60 minutes of lifting with free weights a week until I get comfortable with a routine. This will allow me to set a realistic annual goal eventually. For the fun of it, I’ve also tossed in 30 minutes with Wii Fit a week.

I hope 2010 is your healthiest yet!